HomeSchooling STEAM is an exciting and rewarding journey
into Arts Integration with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math for your homeschool experience. 

Skills for the 21st Century 

STEAM develops skills not limited to the math and science subjects covered in the homeschooling classroom. STEAM helps prepare students for success in the 21 Century.  Our purpose here is to assist you in your homeschooling STEAM journey by offering recommendations, studies, products, services, collaboration and communication. 

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You'll learn of products and services that benefit your students in understanding science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (and general education) on their homeschooling journey.

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Search and purchase a wide range of books, videos, music, electronics, instruments and products STEAM, general, and homeschooling oriented.

Upclose and Personal

You'll watch videos from STEAM stories, tips and techniques to help you and your students along the way. 

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Learn about and purchase from a collection of products specializing in technology and science. 

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You'll earn a deep understanding of products and services by participating and sharing activities and experiences. 


Though an optional, Platinum Club VIP participation you can monetize your homeschooling journey, see below.

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You will have the opportunity to invest in the VIP Platinum Club that offers you substantial savings on purchases, special deals, contests and gifts. You will also be able to participate in monetization projects, studies, fairs, collaborations and even sharing that will help you earn money to support your homeschooling journey. 

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